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General/Getting Started

  1. TeamSpeak is required for all participants in the League or any League-sponsored sessions. TeamSpeak can be downloaded for free on your desktop by visiting https://www.teamspeak.com/en/teamspeak3.
  2. Once the League Session opens, the race track is CLOSED at all times. Drivers will be notified when track is open and will be individually instructed when they are permitted to enter their cars onto the track.



Full Racing Program


Hot Laps/Qualifying

  1. In order to be eligible for qualifying, a driver must be in TeamSpeak 10-15 minutes before the league session is schedule to open. Once the League Session begins, Race Control will execute a random Pill Draw to determine qualifying order.
  2. Drivers will be called to the track in groups of four (4) to make their qualifying laps.
  3. Drivers will have four (4) laps for qualifying, with the fastest lap counting as the official qualifying time.


Heat Races

  1. Race Control will divide the field into heats based on qualifying order.
  2. The number of heats, number of laps, and number of drivers in each heat will be determined based on field and track size and is at the discretion of Race Control
  3. Transfers
  • Drivers finishing in first and second positions will advance to the Trophy Dash.
  • Drivers finishing in third and fourth positions will advance to the B-Main.
  • Drivers finishing fifth and sixth positions will advance to the C-Main.
  • Drivers finishing seventh and eighth positions will advance to D-Main.
  • Transfer positions are subject to change based on field size.


Main & Trophy Dash (Number of laps determined by track)

  1. D-Main
  • Drivers finishing in the top four (4) positions will advance to the C-Main.
  1. C-Main
  • Drivers finishing in the top eight (8) positions will advance to the B-Main.
  1. Trophy Dash
  • Comprised of the top two (2) finishers in each heat race.
  • Starting order will be set by a random re-draw of 0-10 prior to Trophy Dash.
    • Re-draw can only be even numbers.
    • If an odd number is drawn (i.e. 7), the next highest number will be used for the redraw (i.e. 8).
  • Re-draw number of zero (0) will result in starting order of:
    • (Inside – Outside)
      • Heat 1 Winner – Heat 2 Winner
      • Heat 3 Winner – Heat 4 Winner
      • Heat 5 Winner – Heat 1 Runner-up
      • Heat 2 Runner-up – Heat 3 Runner-up
      • Heat 4 Runner-up – Heat 5 Runner-up
    • Finishing order in the Trophy Dash determines starting order in the A-Main.
  1. B-Main
  • Drivers finishing in the top fourteen (14) positions will advance to A-Main.
  • Finishing order in B-Main determines starting order of positions 11-24 in A-Main.
  1. A-Main


Abbreviated Racing Program (used only in emergencies)

  1. 20-minute practice
  2. Four laps individual qualifying
  3. Top-24 qualifiers race in A-Main


In-Race Procedures

  1. If any driver is deemed to have caused two (2) cautions, he or she will be parked for the remainder of the race.
  2. Drivers are responsible for their car always. Drivers involved in accidents/yellow-flag situations will never be given spots back under any circumstances.
  3. Flip Rule
  4. If a driver cannot drive his or her car back to the pits, he or she will be parked for the remainder of the race.
  5. If a driver can drive his or her car back to the pits, he or she can exit the car and request a new vehicle (when able) and rejoin the tail of the field.
  6. The Flip Rule goes into effect beginning with the first Main of the night.
  7. Starts/Restarts
  8. Starts and restarts will be double-file unless one full lap is not completed. If one full lap is not completed, drivers will be instructed to restart single-file.
  9. Drivers will be instructed to tighten the field prior to entering the restart zone.
  10. The leader will be in control of the field entering Turn 3.
  11. Once the leader starts, Race Control will announce return to green flag conditions.
  12. Incident Limits
  13. The A-Main will be the only race with an incident limit (12x).
  14. Race Control will not clear black flags nor allow wave-arounds at any time.


End-of-Race Procedures

  1. At the end of all races except the A-Main, drivers must line up nose-to-tail in finishing order on the backstretch and should not exit their cars until advised by Race Control.


Driver Code

  1. Race others how you want to be raced.
  2. Any disrespect and/or flaming of other drivers, broadcast crew, or Race Control will not be tolerated and may result in removal from the League.


Agreement to Rule/Race Control

  1. By entering the American Dirt Series League on iRacing, you agree to follow these League Rules and accept them as the conditions of racing in the League.
  2. Race Control has the authority to modify rules for any given League Session. The same rules will be applicable to all League Drivers at all times.
  3. Have Fun

    1. This is a sim. We are all here to enjoy ourselves. If you feel you have had a poor experience, please notify one of the Race Control admins and any issues can be discussed privately.





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