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American Dirt Series Program
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Mandatory TeamSpeak Attendance Taken 7:40pm EST(MON & THUR)
Driver count compared to "pill draw" count is taken and drivers are informed of the servers impending open. Short driver meeting regarding Hot Laps/Time Trials is held.

Racer Server Opens 7:50pm EST(MON & THUR)
Drivers are not allowed onto track while hot lap or time trial sessions are organized.

Hot Lap/Time Trial Sessions Begin 8:00pm to 8:05pm EST(MON & THUR)
4 laps with 1 to 5 cars at a time on track to set a qualifying time for each driver. This time positions drivers into their respective heat races.

Pre-Race Driver Meeting 8:15pm EST(MON & THURS) ( 5 minutes to clear up procedures: at Race Control descretion)

Heat Races Begin 8:25pm EST(MON & THUR)
Overall entries determine field sizes for heat races. Normally 5 to 8 cars for 8 to 10 laps. As many heat races will be run until all drivers in server have run 1 heat race each. Finishing order determines driver placement for their next race, either a Trophy Dash for the top 2 in each race or into the B Main for 3rd place thru the end of the heat finshers.

Trophy Dash Begins Aprox. 9:15pm EST(MON & THURS) (or when heat races are completed)
This is a 4 to 6 lap dash with heat race winners starting at the front of the field and the second place finishers filling in the remaining spots(2 spots per heat race). There will be another pill draw for the starting order for the trophy dash race. Finishing order determines the starting grid for the A Main front 3 to 5 rows. Typically there is a trophy awarded to the winner of this race and he has pole position for the A Main.

B Main Begins Aprox 9:30pm EST(MON & THURS) (or when Trophy Dash ends/Lower Mains)
This field is the remaining cars from all heat races 3rd place thru ???? These drivers grid according to their relative finishing position in their Heat Race, all 3rd place drivers at front, then 4th, 5th, ect...... Races are 10 to 12 laps depending on field size and only green flag laps count in this race. Finishing order from this race sets the remaining grid spots for the A Main behind the Trophy Dash field.

Notes and Notations to Program:
Prior to every race night drivers a random "pill draw" done to facilitate placement into the Hot Lap/Time Trial session so as to have a completely random draw for this part of the program. Once drivers arrive in the server we fill them in on which group they will be going onto the track with and tell them when it is their on track time. No driver from any other session is allowed to participate outside the designated Hot Lap session.

We do not consider every on track mishap to be worthy of a yellow flag and only call for yellows when multiple cars are involved in roll over or off track events that effect the overall racing in that particular race. Only green flag race laps count in any race except the A Main, which the service does not allow these caution period laps not to count.

Field sizes are 24 drivers for the A Main at any given track. Each track has its own number of avialable pit spots from 30 to 40, however not every slot is utilized by a driver, RaceControl takes 2 slots at any track for its officiating crew. 2 servers are utilized each night, one for Hot Laps, Heat Races, Trophy Dash, and the B Main. A second server is utilized for the A Main and has its starting grid manually entered so to avoid confusion when the points are on the line. The software developed for this series sets our field of 24 drivers for the A Main upon the completion of minimal data entry by the officiating team and keeps the flow of the program moving smoothly.

Implementing a C main with larger fields to keep racing competitive and to reduce B main cautions.
This adjustment is currently in a testing mode so may be subject to change.

20 Car or less
Top 2 from heats transfer to trophy dash
Remaining cars run B main to set starting order
Everyone Transfers

21-26 cars
Top 2 transfer from heats to trophy dash
Remaining cars run B main 1-6 drivers go home

27+ Cars
Top 2 transfer from heats to trophy dash
3rd/4th drivers transfer to B main
Remaining cars transfer to C/D main
Top 8 transfer to tail of B main



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