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Sunday Oct. 15th, 2017

    Sunday, October 15th Indiana native and late model superstar Shane James brings home the victory over in the season opener of American Dirt Series Pro Late Models! Nate Davis led the first 49 laps was looking to go back to back from the Saturday night victory in the sprints. An unfortunate caution brought the field back together giving James the opportunity to make the run on which he capitalized on Davis in a turn 1 and 2 pass and never looked back! Davis brought home a respectable 2nd place. Jacob Fields had a hard-fought battle all night long with multiple drivers ending up rounding out the top 3! Adam Davis and DJ Brasfield round out your top 5 for the night!

Tune in this Sunday at 9:00est to MaxSpeedTV for race 2 of the ADS Late Model Series coming from Volusia Speedway!

Cars- Pro Late Model

Lead Changes - 2

Cautions - 5

Laps - 75

Track- USA Speedway

                Final Results

  1. Shane James
  2. Nathan Davis
  3. Jacob Fields
  4. Adam J Davis
  5. Dennis Brasfield
  6. Andrew L Engels
  7. Zak Rounds
  8. Jason McSparron
  9. Chad Bolin
  10. Philip Neace
  11. Danny Waller Jr.
  12. Clabe Ferguson
  13. Bentley Glaser
  14. Chris Orencia
  15. Derick Walker
  16. Richard Stallings
  17. Kristopher Taggett
  18. Brad Dyer
  19. John Fidler
  20. Ross Phillips
  21. Keven Forcier
  22. Michael Sheridan
  23. James Ray
  24. Corey Zatynski
  25. Paul Krumrei
  26. Cody Olsen
  27. Bradley Hindman
  28. Danny Breeden
  29. Travis Snyder Jr
  30. Dustin Sizemore
  31. Matt Burkhart
  32. Terry E Landis

Saturday Oct. 14th, 2017

    Saturday, October 14th Nate Davis stormed to the front from an 8th play start to claim victory in the season opener of the American Dirt Sprint Series over a 30-car field. Matthew Arrington brought home 2nd place after making several attempts to capitalize on Davis for the lead. Glaser brings up the top 3 in 3rd after a hard-fought battle with Ross Phillips and holding the lead at one time in the race. Phillips and Walker round out your top 5!

Tune in this Saturday at 9:00est to MaxSpeedTV for race 2 of the ADS Sprint Series coming from Lanier Speedway!

Cars- 360 Sprints

Lead Changes - 6

Cautions – 6

Track- USA Speedway

  1. Nathan Davis
  2. Matthew Arrington
  3. Bentley Glaser
  4. Ross Phillips
  5. Derick Walker
  6. Jacob Fields
  7. Chris Rainwater
  8. Paul Krumrei
  9. Michael Sheridan
  10. Adam J Davis
  11. Brett Wheeler
  12. Richard Stallings
  13. Brandon Kauffman
  14. Dustin Sizemore
  15. John Fidler
  16. Joshua Gayman
  17. Corey Zatynski
  18. Schyler Brown
  19. Britton Roxberry
  20. Troy Tabata
  21. Cody Olsen
  22. Danny Breeden
  23. Tim Oscborne
  24. Derek Fisher
  25. Kristopher Taggett
  26. Andy Patton
  27. Terry E Landis
  28. Laramie Giddens
  29. Dakota Dicienzo
  30. Jason Dear

 Friday Oct. 13th, 2017

    Friday, October 13th Travis Marsh took the victory in the season opener of the American Dirt Modified Series. Marsh started the feature from 3rd and maneuvered his way up passed pole sitter Tim Smith on a turn 3 pass on lap 39.   Smith took a 2nd place finish in the season opener after leading 38 laps.  John Fidler rounds out the top 3 from a 4th place starting position. After 70 hard fought laps Andrew Engels and Nate Davis complete your top 5!

Tune in this Friday at 9:00est to MaxSpeedTV for race 2 of the ADS Modified Series coming from Eldora Raceway park!

1st Travis Marsh

2nd Timothy Smith

3rd John Fidler

4th Andrew L Engels

5th Nathan Davis

6th Jacob Fields

7th Dennis Brasfield

8th Adam J Davis

9th Joshua Gayman

10th Cazz Bedford

11th Chris W Watkins

12th Richard Stallings

13th Jason George

14th Derick Walker

15th Michael Sheridan

16th Paul Krumrei

17th Drew Herchko

18th Thomas Bequette

19th James Ray

20th Brad Dyer

21st Tommy Dutcher

22nd Jason Games

23rd Danny Breeden

24th Kyle Morris

25th Dennis Potridge Jr

26th Matt Burkhart

27th Laramie Giddens

Sep 25th, 2017


   As of the 25th of September, 2017 ADLMS will no longer be and will be called ADS or American Dirt Series. We want to start off by thanking all the drivers, broadcasters, and our sponsors for sticking with us this first year and growing with us through this process. With the success of the first year almost in the books we the admins and staff members of ADLMS wanted to grow the league and add more series into the league. So as of right now we have added modifieds and sprint cars to this years schedule and also as im sure you have noticed already, changed the name of the league. The admins and staff wanted to give everything a fresh new look with the addition of the series, so we hope you enjoy the direction we are headed and you the drivers will stick around with us this season and many more to come!!!


                                                                                                  Thank you from the admins!!



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